The Whole Truth
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Angela Masters (Elisabeth Röhm) is an acting coach who makes it big; not in Hollywood, but by coaching criminal defendants on how to work the system and win jury acquittals. Washed up TV celeb Gary Langston (Sean Patrick Flanery), who’s had a crush on Angela for years, continues to work with her hoping for his next break, or for her to notice him -- whichever comes first. After helping free ruthless mobster Yaro Moraslav (Eric Roberts), Angela overhears him plan a heinous crime and he sets out to kill her. Police and prosecutors, annoyed by all the cases she’s turned upside down, aren’t so eager to help. Standing up to the thug, she testifies against him in court, but thanks to her own handiwork, Moraslav comes off as the good guy. Frantic to convince the jury otherwise, Angela breaks all her own rules, and her wacky testimony making headlines around the world. But in the end, karma, love and justice finally prevail.
Starring Elisabeth Röhm, Sean Flanery, Eric Roberts
Director Colleen Patrick