Mariel and Deena are two college girls who found friendship in the most unexpected situation. Mariel is the responsible, modest, and idealistic IT student. Deena is the impulsive, emotional, and people-pleaser type who kept on shifting majors. From the very start, Mariel serves as Deena's defender. Deena, on the other hand, brings laughter and spice into Mariel's life. Despite their stark differences, they always got each other's backs. The two are inseparable until they marry into the same family. While the Saavedra matriarch dislikes Mariel, she loves Deena a lot. This, their family obligations, and a tragedy drive a wedge deeper into their once unbreakable bond.
Starring Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Richard Gutierrez
Director Mae Czarina Cruz