What We Have
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What We Have charts the journey of Maurice Lesmers, a gay actor and teacher, who finds himself lost in translation in Northern Ontario. Fleeing from his troubled past in France, Maurice's romantic sense of Canada leads him to seek refuge in a remote community where he discovers little outlet for his Parisian appetite for one-night stands. But things get complicated after he takes a job tutoring French to 15-year old Allan, a shy student struggling at school, and with his sexuality. When he lands the leading role, Maurice finds burgeoning romance with the theatre company's charismatic manager, Michael. But their relationship is endangered when Maurice gets caught up in Allan's adolescent world–risking everything to protect his young student who develops a hard-to-resist attraction for his enigmatic European mentor.
Starring Maxime Desmons, Roberta Maxwell, Jean-Michel Le Gal
Director Maxime Desmons