When a Farm Goes Aflame
A filmmaker completes his debut film: A reflection on his parents assumed monogamous long-distance marriage as well as his own Nigerian background and identity. He thereafter accidentally discovers his father's secret; a second family throughout the last 30 years, a life secret that escaped the initial film. This revelation sends the filmmaker on a new quest, now focusing on his retired Danish mother and his newly acquainted younger Nigerian half-brother. "When a farm goes aflame" is set in the aftermath of a lifetime of secrecy and denial. It attempts to bring together the stories and beliefs of all protagonists as they come to terms with their common past and shape their future. Moving fluidly between Denmark, Nigeria, Canada and USA, the film gently unfolds as a poetic and psychologically complex exploration of the meeting between western and African concepts of love, relationships and family.
Starring Grete Akinleminu, Jide Tom Aklinleminu
Director Jide Tom Akinleminu