Adar Beck

Israeli actress Adar Beck scored her first role in a short film about a chance encounter between two wildly different women and has since appeared in two feature films. In 2009 Beck was cast in the short video "Neighbors" as Stav, a tough Israeli woman who initially distrusts her Palestinian neighbor Laila (Alia Alzougbi), but changes her mind after a brief but meaningful conversation reveals they have more in common than she thinks. She next appeared in the psychological thriller "Exam," screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine's debut feature film about eight strangers forced to battle each other for a high-ranking executive position at a mysterious pharmaceutical company; she portrayed Dark, a cunning woman who quickly becomes the target of her suspicious fellow test-takers. Though the film was a modest success on the film festival circuit and quickly purchased by IFC Films, it was never released theatrically and eventually found its way to DVD. Two years later Beck scored a background role in "The Debt," a remake of a 2007 Israeli spy thriller starring Tom Wilkinson, Ciaran Hinds, and Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren as three retired Mossad agents who realize a dangerous shared secret from their past has come back to haunt them.