Alba August

Alba August

With a famous family name behind her, Scandinavian actress Alba August quickly became one of the leading talents in European film and television. A native of Copenhagen, she began her career on-screen with a small part in a film by her father, renowned Swedish director Bille August, "A Song for Martin" (2001). As a teen, she burst out with a starring performance in William Olsson's "Fortroligheten" (aka "Reliance") (2013), playing the haunted survivor of a sexual assault. She showed her versatility with a part in the teen drama "IRL" (2013), playing a "mean girl" who relentlessly bullies her neighbor. She then turned to Swedish television, appearing in "The Sandhamn Murders" (2010-), based on Viveca Sten's popular mystery novels, and the crime drama "Jordskott" (2015). Returning to film, she played one of the band members in the musical drama, "Dryads - Girls Don't Cry" (2015). She followed that with a small part in "A Serious Game" (2016), directed by her mother, Pernilla August. After appearing in the TV hostage drama, "Below the Surface" (2017-), August found her breakout role in "Becoming Astrid" (2018). She played the young Astrid Ericcson, who would become better known as author Astrid Lindgren, the creator of the "Pippi Longstocking" series. She returned once again to television, playing the lead in "The Rain" (Netflix, 2018-), about a group of survivors in a world where most of the population was wiped out by a rain-borne virus.