Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

The Indianapolis-born grandson of jazz guitar giant Wes Montgomery, African American actor Anthony Montgomery-sometimes billed as A.T. Montgomery- is best known as the earnest Ensign Travis Mayweather on the fourth series of the Star Trek universe, "Star Trek: Enterprise." The character, Mayweather, was born in space, his father a freighter captain, and he often acted as a translator of various alien cultures. Montgomery attended Ball State, where he took an interest in hip-hop and stand-up comedy as well as acting. He moved to Hollywood in the late '90s and landed small parts in various television shows before taking a recurring role in 2000 on the WB high school series "Popular." In 2001 he began his role in "Star Trek: Enterprise" and has since been a fixture at Star Trek conventions. Montgomery has done sporadic indie film work, including the lead in the 2006 romantic comedy "I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)" as well as appearing as the rapper Postmaster P in 2000's horror spoof "Leprechaun in the Hood." Montgomery has also released hip hop recordings, occasionally performing Star Trek-inspired raps.



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