John Zaremba

After attempting a career in journalism, John Zaremba moved to Los Angeles in 1949 and began working as an actor. His first three years brought little more than minor uncredited appearances, but in 1953 he was cast in a supporting role in "The Magnetic Monster," a sci-fi film from screenwriter Curt Siodmak. This fantastic flick would mark the first of many such roles for Zaremba, who would go on to appear in numerous 1950s sci-fi films, usually in the role of a scientist working to stop whatever extraterrestrial terror was threatening humanity. One such film was another collaboration with Siodmak, 1956's classic "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers." During this time, Zaremba made regular appearances as an F.B.I. agent on the early Cold War spy show "I Led 3 Lives." Appearing in over 150 separate projects throughout his career, Zaremba worked with some of the suspense genre's greatest auteurs, including Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling. After crossing over into more traditional procedural dramas in the early '60s--with recurring roles on "Perry Mason" and "Ben Casey"--Zaremba returned to sci-fi in 1966 with a central role on the fleeting but well-liked series "The Time Tunnel," again as a scientist. As the sci-fi craze quieted, Zaremba spent the 1970s in guest roles across genres, appearing in everything from the frontier drama "Bonanza" to the spy spoof "Get Smart." His final role was as Dr. Harlen Danvers on the popular soap opera "Dallas."