Lesley Boone

Lesley Boone

In 1994 Boone returned to on screen pursuits, guesting on an episode of ABC's "The Mommies" and making her big screen debut with a cameo in "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold." The following year she had a featured role in the self-help parodying comedy "Stuart Saves His Family," playing Stuart Smalley's sister Jodie, a young woman prone to fits of hysteria who self-medicates with too much food. 1995 also saw the actress with a memorable television guest role on "Wings" (NBC), playing the high school nemesis who Helen (Crystal Bernard) runs into at their reunion. A recurring role on ABC's "High Incident" followed in 1996. Her portrayal of a high-strung waitress in the Jonathan Taylor Thomas holiday vehicle "I'll Be Home for Christmas" reacquainted audiences, and a regular supporting role as Molly, "everybody's best friend" on NBC's critically-acclaimed breakout series "Ed" (2000-04) would make her talents all the more apparent to viewers nationwide. Continuing big screen pursuits, Boone was featured in the independent comedy "Pride & Peril" (2000), playing a real estate agent trying to help a patriarch (Bernie Sparago) sell the family home to which his grown children have subsequently returned.


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