Robert Moloney

Robert Moloney

Robert Moloney was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Moloney worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including "Clippers" (CBS, 1990-91), "Disturbing Behavior" (1998) starring Bruce Greenwood and "Miss Jones" (ABC, 1990-91). He also contributed to "The Awakening of Candra" (CBS, 1983-84), "The Cavanaughs" (CBS, 1986-89) and "The Five of Me" (CBS, 1980-81). Following that project, he acted on the silver screen, including roles in the Norm MacDonald comedy "Screwed" (2000) and the Emily Watson dramedy "Trixie" (2000). He also worked in television during these years, including a part on "Supernatural" (2005-). He also was featured in the TV movie "Christmas on Chestnut Street" (Lifetime, 2006-07). He also appeared in the Henry Cavill blockbuster action movie "Man of Steel" (2013). Moloney most recently acted in the dramatic adaptation "The Revenant" (2015) with Leonardo DiCaprio.


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