American Colony: Meet the Hutterites
MEET THE HUTTERITES is a docuseries featuring a Montana colony of Hutterites as they work hard to support themselves off the land while coping with the pressures of the modern world. Cameras follow members of the Kings Colony Hutterites -- one of various colonies of Hutterite pacifists located across the prairies of the American Northwest and southern Canada -- as they live, work, and worship together. But tensions build as some of the younger generations of the colony challenge the strict Hutterite way of life imposed by the elders, which rejects most modern technology, requires women to adhere to a strict dress code, and expects teens to leave school to support the colony by working on their farms and ranches. Finding a balance between centuries-old traditions and the trappings of the modern world isn't an easy journey, and one that sometimes leads to difficult decisions and serious consequences.