Birds of Prey
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From the creators of the smash-hit series "Smallville" comes another legendary DC Comics saga brought to vivid, mind-warping reality. Batman has abandoned New Gotham City, leaving the high-tech crimefighting to a trio of stunning female heroes--Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer), once known as Batgirl, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Helena (Ashley Scott), called The Huntress, the offspring of Batman and Catwoman, and awesome metahuman Dinah (Rachel Skarsten). In addition to battling evil, these defenders of justice face the same challenges as every young woman in the new millennium: fitting romance and friendship into a life spent saving the world, forming meaningful relationships when your true self must constantly be concealed, and keeping hope and optimism alive when you've looked deep into your soul and seen your future. Girl power takes on a whole new meaning in Birds Of Prey.