Don't Say No The Series
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For the past ten years, Leo (Phachara Suansri) and Fiat (Chalongrat Novsamrong) have been the best of friends. Growing up together, they have been practically inseparable since childhood. Sharing every important moment in each other’s lives, Leo and Fiat can’t imagine life without the other, but as they’ve gotten older, they’ve begun to notice some very unexpected changes within themselves and each other. As a star basketball player, Leo has always enjoyed having Fiat cheering on the sidelines. But when Fiat begins to turn his attention elsewhere, Leo begins to worry someone may be trying to take his best friend away from him. Even more alarming to Leo than the fear of losing his best friend is the realization that his feelings for Fiat run much deeper than he ever imagined.  With the support of his teammate’s giving him the confidence he needs, Leo decides to confess his feelings to Fiat. Will Fiat accept Leo’s heart or will this unexpected confession be the undoing of a lifelong friendship? Adapted from the novel, “Don’t Say No When Hearts Are Close” by Mame, “Don’t Say No” is a 2021 Thai romance drama directed by Pique Passawut Sukbua.