En of Love: Love Mechanics
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As an engineering major, Mark (Wanarat Ratsameerat) is completely aware of the fact that to make his dreams come true, he’s going to have to work for them. Realizing that this truth not only holds true for school and work, but applies to love as well, Mark decides that the time to confess his one-sided love has finally come.  Approaching his long-time crush, Bar Sarawut (Thitiphat Chankaew) with a heart-felt confession, Mark is devastated when his love is rejected. Heart-broken, Mark attempts to drown his sorrows at a local nightclub where he runs into Vee (Anan Wong), one of the seniors in his school’s engineering program. Mistaking Vee for Bar, Mark approaches his senior and the two immediately hit it off.  Realizing what he has with Vee is more than just a fleeting feeling, Mark begins to make room for him in his heart. But will his already fragile heart have the strength to endure what’s to come when he learns Vee already has a girlfriend? Adapted from the novel, “Love Mechanics กลรักรุ่นพี่,” by Faddist, “En of Love: Love Mechanics” is a 2020 Thai romance drama directed by Niink Karnpicha Sinlertpattana and Ko Nantalit Tampacha.