Engaged & Underage
Reality series ENGAGED & UNDERAGE takes a voyeuristic look at the days leading up to the weddings of couples between the ages of 18 and 22, documenting each pair's final big-day preparations and then follows up with them a few months after the wedding. Along with dealing with the stress of getting ready for their ceremonies, many of the featured couples also have to defend their decision to marry young. In one episode, for example, family members try to dissuade a young Christian couple who are looking forward to marriage so that they can finally have sex. The groom's father explains how much his son will miss out on, while the bride's brother tells her how his friends never offer congratulations, just questions, when he explains that his little sister is getting married. The show hones in on couples' other issues, too -- like one groom's extremely close relationship with his mother, which doesn't sit well with the bride.