I Don't Want To Be Brothers With You
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Gao Yang (Xin Yun Lai) is a high school student who has been brought up as an only child by his strict, divorced father Gao Bin (Lu Fang Sheng) – who also works as a PE teacher at the high school. One day, out of the blue, Gao Yang comes home to find Ye Xiao Wen (Chen You Wei), a 17-year-old, “living” in his house. Gao Bin gives very little in the way of an explanation about who this stranger is – only telling his son that Ye Xiao Wen will become his new roommate and “brother” until both he and Gao Yang take their university entrance examinations. Little does Gao Yang know, but Ye Xiao Wen is actually an orphan who had been languishing away at an orphanage with little in the way of support. At first, Gao Yang is furious to learn of this new arrangement, and when Ye Xiao Wen starts to attend the same school as him, conflict and frustration threaten to bubble over. However, as they start to get to know one another, they slowly begin to develop a sense of mutual respect. The bond deepens when Ye Xiao Wen starts to exhibit athletic prowess, and Gao Yang decides to become his unofficial coach. But can this duo ever become friends? “I Don’t Want To Be Brothers with You” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Tian Yu.