Me declaro culpable
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Franco Urzúa is a prestigious lawyer with an extended and successful career. He is married to Roberta, a beautiful and wealthy woman who is tormented by the bipolar disorder she has suffered since childhood. Franco and Roberta have a daughter, Natalia, who is Franco’s most precious jewel. Despite all his success, money and fame, Franco’s life is empty. His marriage with Roberta has fallen into routine and turned into a loveless relationship; nevertheless, it is hard for him to consider divorce as an option since he is part of the prestigious law firm owned by his father in-law, Mauro, whom he worships and truly cares for. Life brings Franco face to face with the hardest and most challenging of trials: defending Alba Garza, a devoted and loving wife who got her husband disconnected from the life-support equipment that kept him alive as he was terminally ill. But losing her freedom is the price she will pay for her choice. Desperate to see her son Santiago again and with no money to pay herself a lawyer, Alba begs Franco to help her. He gets moved by her story and accepts taking her case. Thanks to his talent and deep knowledge of law, Franco has Alba released on parole.