Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán
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Married in secret at a young age, Lola y Andrés are ready to spend the rest of their days together, but what should be the best moment of their lives ends up being the catalyst for the tumultuous relationship they have. As their families try to separate them, jealousy creates retaliation and greater forces keep them apart, yet their love for one another remains. How long will they last before they give up? After she spends five years in jail, Lola and Andrés meet again in the bar where his bachelor party is taking place, and both realize that their love is more alive than ever. Andrés puts aside his plans to risk everything for Lola. But fate once again rises against them and in an untimely plane crash, Andrés is presumed dead. Only true love remains, and Lola and Andrés will have to prove how strong their love is.