My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression
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Popular actress Tian Jing Zhi (Esther Yu) and mutant Xue Ling Qiao (Mike D'Angelo) have had an unforgettable romance. Things haven't been easy for the mutant-human couple and Tian Jing Zhi decides that she wants to end their relationship in order to live a more normal, quieter life. However, shortly after their breakup, Jing Zhi finds out she's pregnant! Still separated, Ling Xiao decides to secretly move in next door to ensure the safety of his love and safeguard their unborn baby. But when a secret organization discovers that the famous actress is carrying a half-mutant child, will they need even more protection? This drama is the follow-up to the 2016 series "My Amazing Boyfriend," featuring a whole new cast! "My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression" is a 2019 Chinese drama series directed by Ding Zi Guang.