New Horizon
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Wu Di (Joe Chen) is a flight attendant who decides to pursue her dream of becoming an airline pilot. She enrolls at a pilot school, and it is here that she meets two men: One is a fellow trainee pilot named Xia Yu (Zhu Zi Xiao). He is the heir to a lucrative airline empire, but also harbors dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. However, his life is tinged with tragedy – a few years ago, his mother died in a sudden accident. In a twist of fate, the other man who catches Wu Di’s eye is a young mechanic named Xiao Mo (Zheng Kai). Once a budding pilot himself, Xiao Mo was initially suspected of being at fault for the accident that claimed Xia Yu’s mother’s life. Although an inquiry exonerated him of any blame, wracked with guilt, he decided to give up his ambitions to become a pilot, becoming an engineer instead. However, the urge to reach for the skies is still strong for him, and when he meets Wu Di, he starts to revisit his pilot dreams. But new details from the incident emerge, leading to fresh suspicions – as both men’s interest in Wu Di starts to intensify… “New Horizon” is a Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Hong Yu.