Princess Silver
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In Ancient China, a young woman (Zhang Xue Ying) wakes with amnesia up after being captured by armed assassins and is told that she is Rong Le, the younger sister of the Emperor of the Western Qi Kingdom. She tries to remember if this is really her true identity, or if she has been tricked. But she is soon told that she must marry Zong Zheng Wu You (Aarif Rahman), a prince of the neighboring kingdom of Northern Lin. If she is successful, the marriage will allow the two kingdoms to forge a powerful alliance. However, this plan is beset with problems. The woman is certain that there are untold secrets to discover about her true identity, while Zong Zheng Wu You turns out to be intelligent, but extremely sure of himself. He is also tormented by past tragedy and claims to have no interest in romance. The marriage plans fall through, but rather than returning to the Western Qi court, the woman takes up a fake name and ostensibly settles down to open a tea house. However, she is secretly searching for clues that will help her discover who she really is, and unearth evidence about her family. Things get very complicated when Zong Zheng Wu You visits and takes a shine to her – unaware that she is actually the “princess” whose hand in marriage he once turned down… This drama was based on a novel by the author Mo Yan Shang. “Princess Silver” is a 2019 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Hui Zhu.