Standing in the Time
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Growing up, Li Xiao (An Yue Xi) had only one dream, to someday become as fashion editor, working for one of the industry’s top magazines. Focusing all her energy into making her dreams come true, all of Li Xiao’s hard work paid off when she landed a job at the very same publishing house that had inspired her, all those years ago. Unfortunately, the job she applied for wasn’t the job she got. Forced to join the overworked and underrated proofreading department, Li Xiao has no choice but to make the best of her current situation. Encouraged by the department’s director, Qian Wenfeng, Li Xiao is determined to work hard, in the hopes that someday she’ll be transferred to the editorial department. However, things don’t always go as planned and with the proofreading department swamped with work, Li Xiao’s chances of moving on are slim. Stuck in a job she never wanted, Li Xiao finds herself wondering how she’s ever going to survive in this tough new world. But when fate brings Zhou Zi Mo (Xing Zhao Lin), into her life, things start to look a little less grim. With love and friendship on her side, Li Xiao comes to find that sometimes life’s little unexpected turns end up bringing us the most joy. “Standing In The Time” is a 2019 drama directed by Fu Dongyu.