Fighting! Girl
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Qu Mo (Li Mi Er) is a woman on the path to fulfilling her dreams: She has always wanted to be a famous fashion designer, and she and her business partner have set up a business that she believes will help take her to the top. She also has a boyfriend she is attached to. But things suddenly start going wrong when her business partner gets cold feet, leaving the company and causing it to collapse. She also splits up with her boyfriend, compounding the misery. But then an unexpected incident leads her path to cross with that of Gao Zi Yi (Wang Bo Wen), the heir to the powerful family business empire the Fugao Group. The company is one of the biggest in the land, but Gao Zi Yi has other plans. He studied in France, where he fell in love with cooking desserts. Rather than taking charge at Fuago, he wants to open a pastry shop. The duo is drawn together and decides to support one another’s dreams. But the pressure from their families starts to take its toll. Can their relationship – and their dreams – survive? This drama was adapted from the novel by the same name, which was authored by Jin Jiao Xi Yu. “Fighting! Girl” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lin Sui Ging.