Tea Love
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A young woman loves tea art. But Du Xin Yu (Pan Zhi Lin) is never allowed to touch tea while growing up because of her father’s tragic death. But after watching a show by tea master Afei, Xin Yu’s love of tea art is revived and she sneaks into Zhuo Qing Garden to take the qualification test to become Afei’s disciple. As Xin Yu works hard to prove herself, she falls in love with the tea garden chairman’s oldest son, Tang Zheng Hao (Zhu Zi Yao), who also works in the garden. Zheng Hao’s younger half-brother, Cheng Feng (Dai Yang Tian), also falls for Xin Yu, which further fractures the brothers’ already contentious relationship. Di Yi Rou (Wang Di) has always loved Zheng Hao and will do anything to make Xin Yu fail after seeing Zheng Hao’s heart taken away from her. But despite the obstacles, Xin Yu finally becomes the first female tea reviewer in China only to lose her sense of smell at the peak of her career. To complicate matters, a secret comes to light that pits Xin Yu’s and Zheng Hao’s families against each other, almost guaranteeing that the star-crossed lovers can never be together. What will become of Xin Yu’s precious career and her love for Zheng Hao? “Tea Love” is a 2015 Chinese drama series.