The Alectrix
THE ALECTRIX, a reality spin-off of The Electric Barbarellas, features amateur pop group manager Heather Naylor as she sets out to create another (and hopefully more successful) musical girl group. After The Electric Barbarellas failed to launch successfully despite eight months of work, Heather turns the reigns over to manager Joe Simpson, the father and manager of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, to help rebuild and relaunch the band. While some members go their separate ways, others like Gynger Fluellen and Chelsea Costa find themselves re-auditioning for a spot along with other hopefuls, like Oakland native Andi Roxx, and Xin, a Chinese native hoping to further her musical career in America. It isn't easy, and with Simpson at the helm, Heather realizes that she must learn to let go of her personal feelings if she wants the group to make it big.