The Jamie Foxx Show
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THE JAMIE FOXX SHOW stars comedian Jamie Foxx as Jamie King, an aspiring entertainer-turned-employee in his family's Los Angeles hotel. The son of a traveling entertainer (played by Gladys Knight), Jamie moves from Terrell, Texas, to California with dreams of becoming a famous actor and singer. But the struggling Hollywood hopeful soon finds himself agreeing to help his Aunt Helen (Ellia English) and Uncle Junior (Garrett Morris) run the King's Tower Hotel in order to support himself. Working and living at the hotel isn't exactly ideal for his career, but Jamie manages to survive the daily grind by attempting to charm fellow hotel employee/fashion design student Francesca "Fancy" Monroe (Garcelle Beauvis). He also spends time tolerating somewhat-obnoxious hotel cashier Braxton T. Hartnabrig (Christopher B. Duncan).