To Love
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The deputy head of a criminal investigation unit Zhao Ting Hui (Du Chun), a former undercover cop named Yan Jin (Lin Geng Xin), and an innocent-seeming café owner called Ji Xiao Ou (Gai Yue Xi) become embroiled in a fateful murder investigation that threatens to turn their worlds upside down. In his previous career as a policeman, Yan Jin posed as an underworld mobster to take down a powerful drug cartel. During his time spent undercover, he met Ji Xiao Ou, and the duo began on a romance that has since become idyllic. But the lovebirds get a rude awakening when a friend of Ji Xiao Ou’s – a man who had a crush on her – is suddenly killed in mysterious circumstances. Yan Jin is identified as the prime suspect, and attempts to evade the authorities so he can clear his name, while Zhao Ting Hui is dispatched to investigate. But the case proves far from easy to solve – and the deeper this trio gets into it, the more tangled the web becomes… “To Love” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was co-produced by Cao Ping and Chen Hui Jin.