Trapped in the Box
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Having living in the same apartment complex their entire lives, Miwa (Sayu Kubota), Motoaki (Riku Hagiwara), Ritsu (Fuju Kamio), Aoi (Natsumi Okamoto), and Satoru (Ayumu Mochizuki) have been friends since childhood. Growing up side by side, the five friends have been a part of each other’s lives for as long as they can remember. But now that they’re in high school, things between the friends are starting to change. Having developed feelings for Motoaki, Miwa is mortified by the idea of confessing how she feels. Keeping her feelings to herself, Motoaki has no idea how she feels about him; as such, he continues to treat her as he always has: like a friend. Meanwhile, Aoi struggles to hide her own poisonous feelings towards Miwa. Constantly frustrated by her feelings of jealousy and inferiority, Aoi tries to put up a good front, but deep down, her feelings towards Miwa continue to fester. Even with Satoru by her side, Aoi can’t seem to shake her growing contempt.  Fully aware of the constantly fluctuating feelings of his friends, Ritsu decides to keep his distance from them all. But the bonds of friendship keep pulling him back. Will these life-long friends ever find a way to get back what they once had, or has fate decided it’s time for them to move on? Adapted from the manga series of the same name, by Tomohiro Shinohara, “Trapped in the Box” is a 2020 romantic high school drama directed by Shinji Kuma.