Beyond Light Years
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A computer major at Yan Qing University, Lu Yu Chen (Chen Ruo Xuan) has dreams of becoming an accomplished game designer. With an analytical mind, a high IQ, and a willingness to help others, Yu Chen is not only well on his way to achieving those dreams, but he also has created quite a reputation for himself on campus. Liked by professors and classmates alike, Yu Chen may be quiet but that in no way makes him cold. At least not until the day fate brings Xia Xiao Ci (Xu Jiao) into his life. A bubbly freshman who loves reading martial arts stories almost as much as she loves to write them, Xiao Ci’s infectious smile and sweet disposition make her easy to love. Yet, when she crosses paths with Yu Chen for the first time, the two immediately find themselves at odds with each other. Completely unable to get along, the two butt heads at every turn, Yu Chen’s seeming coldness his only defense against Xiao Ci’s perpetual sunshine. Only their love of a certain video game begrudgingly connects them. Despite their differences, the two find themselves frequently meeting in-game. Separated, yet together, Yu Chen and Xiao Ci slowly begin to let down their guard, their time playing online drawing them unexpectedly closer both virtually and in the real world. With hearts naturally warming towards each other, Xiao Ci and Yu Chen find themselves walking towards a bright new future. Will their newfound love give them the strength they need to turn their dreams into reality, or will it ultimately hold them back? A story full of hopes and dreams, “Beyond Light Years” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Yang Hao Yu.