The Yearbook
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Nut (Teshin Anusananan) is a 10-year-old boy have just moved to the seaside town of Sam Roi Yot, Thailand, after his parents separated. He and his brother came with his mother, hoping to make a fresh start in a new town. On his first day in Sam Roi Yot, he runs into trouble on the beach, and a boy of the same age named Phob (Supakrit Charoonmatha, also known as “Man”) comes to his rescue. From that day on, they become inseparable friends, attending the same school and sharing every moment possible together. They refer to one another by the nicknames “B1” and “B2.” As they grow older, they each begin to discover that they are developing romantic feelings for one another – but are worried that confessing their emotions could jeopardize their friendship. As their schooldays come to an end, they initially decide to attend the same university. But when they begin to worry that the other’s feelings may compromise their friend’s education, one of the duo decides to take drastic action. After spending a night together, Phob vanishes from Nut’s life, leaving nothing behind but photos and memories. But when Phob returns four years later, old feelings begin to re-emerge. Could they reignite the passion they felt back in their childhood days, or is it already too late? “The Yearbook” is a 2021 Thai drama series that was co-directed by “Mean” Phiravich Attachitsataporn, Nipitpon Muangsinun, and Bancha Lungaramn.