Jo Hee-bong

Jo Hee-bong is a South Korean actor. Hee-bong began his acting career in 1997 as part of the theatre troupe Bipa (비파). He later became known as a supporting actor onscreen, in films such as Blind (2011) and Incomplete Life: Prequel (2013), and the television dramas Hong Gil-dong (2008), Unsolved (2010), and Good Doctor (2013). In a collaboration with director Kim Tae-yong, Jo is also the live narrator (or byeonsa) for Crossroads of Youth (1934), Korea's oldest surviving silent film. Aside from local performances in 2008 and 2012, Jo has performed at the 2009 New York Film Festival, the 2011 Guwahati International Film Festival in Mexico, the 2011 Thames Festival in London, and the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival.