MXP: Most Xtreme Primate
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Jack’s back and this time he is shredding up the slopes in his most Xtreme adventure yet. After an exciting career playing professional hockey and busting tricks with the world’s best skateboarders, Jack is back at the El Simian nature preserve.  Jack likes hanging around but soon he grows tired of life at the preserve. Trying to liven things up, Julie, the caretaker, organizes a family vacation to Mexico.  The chimps are thrilled. But then, Jack gets separated from the group and ends up on the wrong plane to Colorado!!  Lost and confused, Jack meets up with Pete, a snowboarder, and his rocker brother Jay, who try to help Jack find his family. Jack quickly masters snowboarding. Together Pete and his newfound “knuckle dragging” pal Jack are ripping up the slopes at Mount Blackbrush.  In an effort to help track down Jack’s family, Jay comes up with a plan.  He charms a female reporter into doing a missing primate report on Jack, featuring his snowboarding skills.  Two crooks see the report and try to steal Jack for profit. The chase is on.  Jack and Pete must outwit the witless buffoons and win the boarder cross championships. Hang on Dudes we are going for a ride!!!
Starring Devin Douglas Drewitz, Trevor Wright, Robby Benson
Director Robert Vince