Old Miss Diary
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Mi Ja is a 31-year-old single working woman, and she lives with five other family members who are all without partners. As a woman in her thirties, she's someone who needs to get married according to the social standard. She always gets nagged about it by her family. She seems rowdy at first, but she's sensitive and somewhat naive, which makes her likeable. Mi Ja has been friends with Ji Young and Yoon Ah since high school. All three aren't married and are focused on their careers. They each have their own definition of love and worries about marriage. Mi Ja is a freelance voice actress, and the main producer often scolds her. The main producer, Hyun Woo, is three years younger than Mi Ja. He's a jerk most of the time, but he's good at his job. How will the three friends navigate through life and their romantic relationships?