Craving You
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Kent (David Chiu) is a pastry chef and the founder of an eatery named “K." He is talented and handsome, but also notoriously arrogant and aloof. He has a somewhat jaded perspective on love, as he has been hurt by affairs of the heart before. But life changes for Kent very quickly when he meets an internet celebrity named Kane (Cheng Chang Fen). Kent once rocketed to fame with a song named “8 Seconds,” becoming an overnight sensation. However, his star has since waned somewhat. Like Kent, he is also struggling to shake off his love mistakes from the past. The duo begins on the slow, unsure, and unsteady path to love. But things get complicated when they encounter a couple named Soda (Alan Song) and Noah (Chen Xi Teng). Soda is a former classmate of Kane’s and is a music producer now planning his wedding with blogger Noah. But when the former classmates meet again, passions run wild…and threaten to derail romance on all sides! “Craving You” is a 2020 Taiwanese drama series that was produced by Ye Zhen Xing.