Noble Bride – Regretless Love
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Wang Guang Yao, chairman of a well-known fashion company, is enjoying a housewarming party with his family. Unexpectedly, a casual visitor, Huang Chong Ming, who claims to be Wang Guang Yao's son, stirs great disturbance, especially when he is the ex-boyfriend of Min Jun, Wang’s eldest daughter-in-law. In the face of accusations and doubts from family members, Min Jun endures great humiliation and bears a heavy burden. She makes great efforts to bring about the marriage between her best friend, Bao Lian, and Chong Ming. However, after Bao Lian finds out that her husband still loves her best friend, she collaborates with Wang's competitor to push Wang’s enterprise to the edge of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Wang Shao Kang, Wang’s second son, who believes his wife is dead, is addicted to alcohol every day and finally becomes blind. Encountering all the troubles inside and outside the Wang Family, could Min Jun shoulder the burden and bring Wang’s enterprise back to life and reunite the Wang family? "Noble Bride - Regretless Love" is a Chinese drama series.