See You Again
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One of the Republican era’s brightest stars, Xiang Qin Yu’s (Hu Yi Tian) was a face everyone knew. A brilliant actor, with a promising career ahead of him, Qin Yu’s future seemed set. But with one dramatic twist of fate, all of Qin Yu’s hopes and dreams came to a swift and unexpected end. Shot on the filming set of his latest movie, Qin Yu wakes to find himself inexplicably transported to the modern world. Once the face everyone knew and loved, Qin Yu now finds himself just another face in the crowd. With no idea where to go, what to do, and no one to ask for help, Qin Yu might have been lost in this strange era forever, if not for the help of Jin A Yin (Chen Yu Qi). An unknown screenwriter, A Yin may not have much to offer Qin Yu but what she does have, she gladly shares. Taking the wandering actor in, A Yin’s kindness soon warms Qin Yu’s lost and lonely heart.  Determined to learn what really happened on-set that fateful day, Qin Yu begins to search for the truth, A Yin always by his side. As the two draw closer, feelings naturally begin to develop, but will their tender new love have a chance to bloom once Qin Yu uncovers the truth about his past? A story of love and fate, “See You Again” is a 2022 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Wang Feng.