That's My Candy
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Guy (Warodom Khemmonta) is a hard-working nurse at a busy hospital. He has been dating Jing (Panuwat Kerdthongtavee), a fourth-year film student for the past three years. Although their relationship seems to be perfect from the outside, cracks are beginning to appear. Guy’s commitment to his work puts his schedule at odds with that of Jing, who is busy working on his final project at uni. When Jing has free time, he loves to watch his favorite VJs livestream on his phone – a habit that irritates Guy. This all comes to a head when Guy stands Jing up on a date – leading the latter to declare that they are breaking up. Guy wants to reconcile, and hatches a plan that involves finding a way for Jing to meet his best-loved VJs as a surprise. But things don’t go according to plan right away: Getting in touch with these VJs proves to be tough, and events at work begin to complicate matters further. Is there a way back to love for this duo – or has the romance ship already sailed? “That’s My Candy” is a 2022 Thai drama series that was directed by Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat.