Capture Lover
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Ding Jun Jie (Luigi Zhang) is a deputy general manager at a leading cosmetics company. There he meets the son of the chair of the company’s board, Ying Jia Ming (Han Jing Cheng). Although the two get off on the wrong foot and begin an adversarial relationship, the two men slowly begin to realize that they are developing romantic feelings for one another. They gradually start to feel empathy for one another – and love soon blooms for the duo. But the path to a lasting romance will be rocky for Ding Jun Jie and Ying Jia Ming, who struggle to keep their relationship a secret at work. When disapproving parents start to get involved, it looks as though their relationship may be under threat. Can true love find a way? Or will the pressures of society prove too much for the young lovers? “Capture Lover” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Yun Ming