Love in the Air
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Considered by many to be a cute guy, Rain (Nuttarat Tangwai) shouldn’t have any trouble getting a girlfriend. Unfortunately, the only girl to ever truly capture his heart has her heart set on Phayu (Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya). With his devastating good looks and his bad-boy biker persona, it’s no wonder Phayu is the one senior at school every girl dreams of dating; which means Rain doesn’t stand a chance with his dream girl. When fate brings Phayu into Rain’s life in an almost cruel and unexpected way, Rain decides it’s time to put Phayu in his place. Hoping to ruin Phayu’s reputation among the girls at school, Rain decides to make Phayu fall madly in love with him. While supporting Rain in his attempt at revenge, his best friend Sky (Wasuthorn Chaijinda), struggles with his own set of problems. Having been in a toxic relationship, Sky has no desire to find love ever again. But when he crosses paths with Prapai (Thitipong Sengngai), he seems unable to escape the fate that seems to inexplicably bind them. Overwhelmed by the rush of feelings that wash over them, every time Phayu and Prapai are around, Rain and Sky do their best to make sense of it all. But are either of them willing to accept what those feelings might mean? Adapted from the novels “Love Storm” and “Love Sky” by MAME, “Love in the Air” is a 2022 Thai romance drama directed by Neti Suwanjinda.