Guillermo Díaz

Guillermo Díaz

Best known for his fan favorite role as Huck in "Scandal" (ABC 2012-) or his appearance in the cult classic "Half Baked" (1998) as lovable stoner Scarface, Guillermo Diaz started out with no formal acting training, but slowly built himself up as a respected character actor. Diaz was born in New Jersey, but grew up in the rough Washington Heights section of New York City. He found his true calling at a talent show in high school when he relished lip-syncing to the Beastie Boys. From that point on, he set out to be an actor. Remaining in the city, he went to Baruch College, where he took acting classes in addition to business classes in case his dramatic aspirations fell short. His first speaking role was in Sundance darling "Fresh" (1994), then co-starred opposite Parker Posey in the indie comedy "Party Girl" (1995) and had a leading role as a drag queen in the historical gay rights drama "Stonewall" (1995). He then co-starred with Dave Chappelle in the weed comedy "Half Baked," which led to Diaz becoming a frequent guest in Chappelle's critically-acclaimed sketch comedy series "Chappelle's Show" (Comedy Central 2003-06). As the 2000s progressed, Diaz started working regularly on television, including major recurring roles in the hit comedy-drama "Weeds" (Showtime 2005-2012) and the short-lived hospital drama "Mercy" (NBC 2009-2010). In 2012, he caught a major break as a co-star on Shonda Rhimes' twisty drama "Scandal." His character Huck quickly became one of the most popular stars of the series.