Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy is the hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedy about a sheltered young man (Jake Gyllenhaal — Prince Of Persia) who breaks all the rules on a wild adventure to get the girl of his dreams. Although he’s lived his entire life within the confines of a protective plastic bubble and under the ever-watchful eye of his overprotective mother (Swoosie Kurtz — Get Over It), Jimmy Livingston (Gyllenhaal) never thought that he’d missed out on anything — until the girl next door (Marley Shelton — Valentine, Never Been Kissed) ran off to get married in Niagara Falls. With the wedding only days away, Jimmy has no choice but to build a mobile “bubble suit” and set off across the country to stop the wedding and confess his love to her.
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Swoosie Kurtz, Marley Shelton
Director Blair Hayes