Brea Grant

Brea Grant

Brea Grant has appeared in a number of movies since 2007, but is probably best known for her work on television series. After playing Jean Binnel, the heavy metal enthusiast in three episodes of "Friday Night Lights" in 2008, she landed a recurring part in the drama "Heroes," making a definite impression on the show's fan base. Her waifish appearance and expressive facial features helped convey the depth of her character, superfast thief Daphne Millbrook, who initially seems very sure of herself but is actually quite uncertain about her loyalties. Around the same time that she appeared on "Heroes," Grant also found roles in horror films, most notably Rob Zombie's "Halloween II," in which she played Mya Rockwell, the ill-fated friend of main protagonist Laurie Strode. She also appeared in a number of low-budget genre projects, and had a small part in "Max Payne," a 2008 video game adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg. Toward the end of the 2000s, she co-starred in an interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure-style DVD called "The Weathered Underground" as Liz, an adorably nutty ex-girlfriend whom the main protagonist is seeking to win back.




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