Don Swayze

Don Swayze

Don Swayze was a prolific actor who created a name for himself largely on the big screen. Swayze's early acting career consisted of roles in various films, such as "W.A.R. Women Against Rape" (1987) with Jack Carter, the drama "Shy People" (1987) with Jill Clayburgh and the action picture "Driving Force" (1989) with Sam J. Jones. He also appeared in the action film "Trapper County War" (1989) with Rob Estes, "Payback" (1991) and "Edge of Honor" (1991) with Corey Feldman. His passion for acting continued to his roles in projects like the thriller "Sexual Malice" (1993) with Edward Laurence Albert, "Money to Burn" (1994) and the Ted Danson dramatic comedy "Pontiac Moon" (1994). Most recently, Swayze acted in "The Appearing" (2014).


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