Francois Chau

Francois Chau

Chau was born far from the glitz of the Hollywood television and movie industry in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With war brewing in the region, his family moved first to Vietnam, then to France and finally to Washington, D.C. when Chau was seven. Chau then moved to Los Angeles and began working in television and film. One of his first jobs was voicing the role of martial arts expert Quick Kick on the animated series "G.I. Joe." Chau went on to appear in many TV shows and movies such as "Hill Street Blues" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze" (1991), in which he played the Turtles' nemesis, Shredder. He continued making guest appearances on various TV shows until his role on "Lost." There, Chau appeared exclusively in videos seen by the survivors on the island for seasons two through four and only materialized as a character during the show's fifth season. He was also memorably represented in one episode by a giant puppet built by Jim Henson Studios. He continued to work after the show ended its run in 2010, landing guest roles on "Body of Proof" (ABC, 2011-13) and "Nikita" (The CW, 2010-14), among others. Chau has also appeared onstage in London, New York and Los Angeles and in 2011 was nominated for an Ovation Award for Featured Actor in a Play in "Extraordinary Chambers." In an odd coincidence, Chau played another Dr. Chang in the 2013 comedy, "21 & Over.," which was unrelated to his character on "Lost."


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