John Beach

John Beach worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. Beach's earliest roles were in film, including the western "Trail Dust" (1936) with James Ellison, the western "Texas Trail" (1937) with Russell Hayden and the western "North of the Rio Grande" (1937) with Russell Hayden. He also appeared in the George "Gabby" Hayes western "Bar 20 Justice" (1938), the Robert Livinston western "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" (1939) and "The Cisco Kid and the Lady" (1939). In the sixties and the early 2000s, Beach devoted his time to various credits, such as "Beach Party" (1963) starring Robert Cummings, "Tron" with Jeff Bridges (1982) and "Alien3" (1992). He also worked on "Hallow's End" (2003) starring Stephen Cloud. Beach continued to exercise his talent in the 2010s, taking on a mix of projects like "Apocalypse 101" (National Geographic Channel, 2012-13), "Bikinis & Boardwalks" (Travel Channel, 2012-15) and "Under Siege: America's Northern Border" (Discovery Channel, 2012-13). His credits also expanded to "Chrome Underground" (Discovery Channel, 2013-14) and "Catching Monsters" (Discovery Channel, 2014-15). Beach most recently worked on "The Hunt For Hogzilla" (Animal Planet, 2014-15).