Ryan Cartwright

Ryan Cartwright

Actor Ryan Cartwright had such success portraying American characters, many of his biggest fans were surprised to learn he was actually British. Born in Birmingham, England, Cartwright first began acting in the UK's Central Junior Television Workshop. In love with the craft, Cartwright began auditioning for professional jobs while he was still a teenager, but he had not yet booked a role when at age 16, he needed a part time job. He filled out an application at McDonald's, anticipating the dull work with dread, but it just so happened that the next day, he won the role of Darren in the TV movie "The Grimleys" (ITV, 1997). The following year, Cartwright crossed and even bigger mile marker in his career when he was cast as David on the comedy series "Microsoap" (BBC, 1998-2000). He would reprise the role of Darren when "The Grimleys" (ITV, 1999-2001) was picked up as a TV series, and later went on to co-star on the show "Hardware" (ITV, 2003-2004) alongside stars Martin Freeman and Peter Serafinowicz. With enough experience under his belt to expand his horizons, Cartwright next moved to the U.S. where he landed recurring roles on the popular series "Mad Men" (AMC, 2007-2015) and "Bones" (Fox, 2005-2017). Cartwright then began playing the autistic character Gary on the series "Alphas" (Syfy, 2011-2012) in 2011, earning him major praise from the neurological community for his nuanced performance. After a comedic turn in the film "Vacation" (2015) proved his adeptness at humor, Cartwright kept in the same vein for his next project, playing the awkward Chale on the sitcom "Kevin Can Wait" (CBS, 2016-).



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