Zach Woods

Zach Woods

Zach Woods used his experience from his nights in New York's comedy club circuit to transition to a comedic actor for film and television. Woods never let his acting stray too far from his roots in improvisation. It gave him the ability to explore the human condition with all its faults, by following the path of comedic timing and listening to what the audience recognized. Even without that live audience, his sense of what was true as well as funny never let him down. Born in Virginia Beach, Zach Woods showed his passion for comedic acting and improvisation early by joining New York's famed Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) at the young age of 16. For the next five years he spent his time between improv and auditions for bit parts in films such as "The Other Guys" (2010) before getting some notice for his role of Chad in the 2009 political comedy "In the Loop" starring James Gandolfini and Tom Hollander. His luck was about to turn however, for in 2010 he landed the role of Gabe Lewis in the successful workplace comedy series "The Office" (NBC 2005-2013) and stayed with the show for its final three years. Although he would never completely leave the world of improv behind, and even continued to teach at UCB after landing the "Office" gig, the show was a turning point in his career. When "The Office" came to an end, Woods appeared on the comedy "Veep" (HBO 2012-) and the rebooted "Arrested Development" (Netflix 2013-) and landed a reoccurring role as Jeff Dillinger in the hit drama "The Good Wife" (CBS 2009-16) before being tapped to join the ensemble cast of Mike Judge's comedy series "Silicon Valley" (HBO 2014-), a show centered on the trials and tribulations of software programmers.


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