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Aurora is a beautiful 20-year-old girl who falls madly in love with the charming Lorenzo, a single father raising his five-year-old son Martin. Aurora gets pregnant with Lorenzo’s child but is separated from him as soon as her parents find out; she is sent abroad to have the child. Lorenzo never finds out about her pregnancy or the baby, and thinking that Aurora willingly left him, he decides to try and move on with his life. Soon after the birth, it’s discovered that Aurora is suffering from a terrible disease that at the time is thought to be incurable. Her father, Gustavo, a renowned expert in cryogenics, uses the process on his daughter to maintain her until the day when science has advanced far enough to find a cure for this disease. Exactly 20 years pass, and when once again brought to life, Aurora has the same appearance, but she does not know how the world around her has changed. Aurora must adapt to a completely different life.