Chinese Paladin
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A young man gets the adventure of his life when he tries to save his sick aunt. Set in medieval China, Li Xiao Yao (Hu Ge) is a rough-and-tumble young man who is known as a troublemaker. When his aunt, who has raised him, falls ill, he is told to travel to a place called Dream Island to get the antidote. There, he meets the beautiful Zhao Ling’er (Liu Yi Fei) and falls in love with her and marries her. Xiao Yao promises to return for Ling’er and sets off to return home with the cure for his aunt. But a dangerous group of assassins known as the Lunar Sect Cult wipes out Xiao Yao’s memory. Despite not remembering his marriage, Xiao Yao takes Ling’er back home with him. Ling’er tries to win Xiao Yao’s heart all over again, but she has competition in Xiao Yao’s friend, Lin Yue Ru (Ady An), who does whatever she can to try to impress him. But Yue Ru’s cousin, Liu Jin Yuan (Bryan Wang), has always had special feelings for her. When Ling’er suddenly disappears, Xiao Yao and his friends set out to find her and face many dangers in their journey. But how will Xiao Yao feel about Ling’er and her secret past when he does find her? “Chinese Paladin” is a 2005 Chinese drama series directed by Wu Jin Yuan. It is a 2005 television series adaptation of the Taiwanese role-playing game “The Legend of Sword and Fairy.” It was followed in 2009 by the sequel “Chinese Paladin 3,” which takes place 50 years earlier in chronological history. There was no “Chinese Paladin 2.”