Make Me Perfect
Available on Tubi TV
We've all felt ugly at some point in our lives, and been made to feel small and unattractive. But some people are haunted by the memory of times when they knew for a fact that they were ugly. Make Me Perfect gives 15 women the opportunity to completely change how they look, with help from the surgeon's knife and the mother of all makeovers. They will then re-live the moment that has haunted them – but this time looking picture-perfect, to exorcise those ugly demons. The makeover will be drastic. Following a consultation with a top surgeon, there will be two or three invasive surgical procedures, supplemented with non-invasive procedures such as botox and cosmetic dentistry. Once the ladies look perfect, we make them happy too, by recreating the event that has always haunted them, but with one crucial difference – a fairytale ending. Once all 15 cases are beautiful and content, we review them to discover what impact the changes have made on their lives. Finally, all 15 women are entered into a catwalk final to see which of them impresses the public the most.